Jellycoins - Get rewarded everytime you shop

Get rewarded everytime you shop!

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Jellycoins is a Social Rewards Platform

and we are changing the advertising paradigm.

Jellycoins: What, Who & How it works

What is Jellycoins

In a few words, let us explain the basic concept

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About our team

We are a group of professionals that love what we do!

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And your website has a shopping cart, start using Jellycoins

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If you shop online

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What is Jellycoins?

We are a Social Rewards Platform

Think about advertising, in a completely different way!

We sat and thought about the most effective form of advertising since the beginning of time: Mouth to mouth. So what would happen if you could get your own, already satisfied customers, to take care of this advertising for you free of cost! Or at least free of any initial investment out of your pocket. Instead you use a little portion of what your customer paid you after a purchase, and let them do the talking to their friends in social networks.

Basically your customers get rewarded when they shop at your store and share their experience on their social networks!

About our Team

We are a customer-focused and technology-driven group who has the knowledge and experience to turn your effective business into a SUCCESS. Passionate about Software Development, Programming, Graphic Design, online marketing and high standard services, our team of experts has been working on our product (Jellycoins) for over 36 months.

We are a small team of acclaimed professionals with over ten years of proven experience. We love what we do and that transforms into results. Our HQ are in Heredia, Costa Rica.

Supported Platforms

We have integrated Jellycoins as a plugin for the following platforms